Harassment via Wikipedia Vandalism

June 10, 2012

As some of you may know a harassment campaign is being waged against me because of my Tropes vs Women in Video Games project on Kickstarter. This coordinated attack was launched by various online video game forums and has included attempts to get my accounts banned, a torrent of hate on YouTube, plus countless threats of violence, death, sexual assault and rape. As part of that intimidation effort the Wikipedia page about me was vandalized with misogynist language, pornography and racial slurs.

I went back and forth about whether or not to share this publicly because I don’t want to inadvertently encourage this kind of behavior or scare other women into staying silent out of fear something similar may happen to them. But ultimately I’ve decided I’m going to document and strategically share what is happening to me because these types of online harassment tactics are used against women, feminists and people from oppressed and marginalized groups every day.

About a year ago I noticed someone had made a Wikipedia page about me. It’s a simple stub in the Women’s Rights Activist category and contains two short paragraphs mostly pulled from my online bio. Very little had changed on the page since it was created, that is until last week.


The image below shows the result of the vandalism that took place over the course of June 5th and 6th, 2012. This was not done by just one or two trolls but was a coordinated cyber mob style effort involving a whole gang working together. The screenshot below was downloaded directly from one of the internet forums organizing the harassment. They were proudly posting this image as a trophy to boast about what they were doing and to encourage others to join in.

Click to see larger version – NOTE: I’ve blurred out the pornographic drawing

The vandalism included changing the text, changing the page categories, changing the external links to re-reroute to porn sites and adding a drawing of a woman with a man’s penis in her mouth captioned with “Daily Activities”. One extra imaginative troll added that I was actually Bioware writer Jennifer Hepler in disguise (Hepler has also recently been viciously attacked for her opinions on modern video games).

This second screenshot was also downloaded from those same internet forums and again was passed around on various threads as evidence of their attack. Since my name is rather unique, the Wikipedia page about me comes up first when searching for my name.  This is what a Google search for my name returned for several days even after the vandalism was removed.

NOTE: I added the red arrow and text

On the evening of the second day the page was officially identified as the subject of persistent vandalism and was finally locked by Wikipedia moderators so that only those with registered accounts could make further changes. From the IP addresses logged in the revision history it looked like a dozen or more different people were working together to vandalize the page. I want to extend a big thank you to all the dedicated Wikipedians out there that helped remove the vandalism and continue to monitor the page!

I am certainly not the first woman to suffer this kind of harassment and sadly, I won’t be the last. But I’d just like to reiterate that this is not a trivial issue. It can not and should not be brushed off by saying, “oh well that’s YouTube for you“, “trolls will be trolls” or “it’s to be expected on the internet”. These are serious threats of violence, harassment and slander across many online platforms meant to intimidate and silence. And its not okay.

Again, don’t worry, this harassment will never stop me from making my videos! Thank you all for your support!

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99 Responses to “Harassment via Wikipedia Vandalism”

  1. :O

    Holy crap. That’s just… I don’t even…


    I want to say something supportive and such, but I don’t really don’t know what to say exactly.

    I guess it boils down to: I really like your work and think you’re doing something very valuable here. You’re critiques are extremely incisive and interesting. Very glad to hear that this crap won’t hold you back, and I’m really looking forward to the new videos!

  2. “But I’d just like to reiterate that this is not a trivial issue. It can not and should not be brushed off by saying, ‘oh well that’s YouTube for you’, ‘trolls will be trolls’ or ‘it’s to be expected on the internet’.”

    I would say it goes pretty far beyond that. Well, at least you know you’re ‘doing it right.’ Forge ahead!

  3. Wow this is all beyond the pale. It’s terrible that you have to put up with this, that we all do. It just proves how important what you do is!

  4. All my sympathies. Sounds like you’re doing something really interesting and worthwhile, and the kickstarter is well worth donating to. Really good to see that misogynist trolls from a certain festering, terribad internet imageboard are losing the battle against, y’know, women speaking out and doing things.

  5. Thank you for having the courage to stand up to this, and not let it stop you from what you’re doing, because I do think you’re doing really important work. Is there anything I, as a reader, can do to help or support you?

  6. This is just terrible but congrats on choosing the high road. And I think sharing this experience is very important. I want to commend you for the work you do and i’m happy to hear this hasn’t deterred you from continuing this project. To be anonymous and slander is true cowardice. Nice work – keep it up!

  7. Ugh, why are people such idiots? How has a simple kickstarter intending to point out the simple truths of misogyny in the gaming industry recieved such a response? I’m sorry you had to go thruogh this Anita, and like the others I applaud you for not letting it affect your plans to continue making wonderful videos. The most ironic thing about this is that the male gamers out there contributing to the hate are basically proving the point that it’s not a woman friendly hobby in terms of communicating with other gamers. Stay stong!

  8. I am seriously impressed with your courage and passion. I’ve been on the receiving end of harassment while gaming, and when it happened I was really unsure as to how to fight it. At the time I did report it to the moderators of the site, but I know it is a much larger issue than just what I experienced. I want to offer you my support, and really look forward to hearing how things progress in this department. Also, as others have mentioned, I would be interested in knowing how I can lend my support to the bigger issue. Please let us know!

  9. This is both vicious and pathetic. Gaming culture is unfortunately infested with this shit. I’m glad someone actually brings up these things. As a casual gamer, this is far from news to me though.

    I think what some people fail to understand is that challenging the misogyny in media and entertainment doesn’t mean you have to stop watching the things you love. In one of your trope videos you criticized several of my favourite TV-shows and movies (like Farscape and Star Trek: First Contact). The fact that I like those doesn’t mean what you wrote were wrong or that I disagreed with the things you said. On the contrary. I had noticed many of those problems about them already – things that annoy me and bug me.

    Laurie Penny recently reviewed season 2 of Game of Thrones and pointed out a long list of problems with the books and series. She still loves it. That doesn’t mean you can not criticize the flaws.

    Anyway. Keep up the good work. I love your videos :)

  10. This just makes it more clear that your work is so important, I know it’s hard to endure all this harassment and vandalism but stay strong! You’re doing an amazing job! And as Natalie above writes, if there’s anything we as readers can do to help or support you (except for donating to your kickstarter-fund ’cause that I have already done), I would really like to know :)

  11. Good to see it’s not keeping you down. We’re all looking forward to the series.

  12. Is there a clearing house for this kind of thing? Like a website that collates the women that this has happened to. Kind of like a documentation that this happens, and it’s not just trolls as usual. That this is a terrible systematic event that happens to women that speak up in gaming, skepticism, etc. It’s predictable, even.

    If there is not a site that documents these abuses, there should be. Then I would know where to throw my support. Where it would be needed most.

  13. This is pretty shocking! These guys must be really lonely/pathetic to devote this much hateful energy on someone just speaking up for women. I take it as a sign though that the work you are doing is really needed. Thank you from this gamer girl. :)

  14. Bravo for going public with this harassment. I’m so sorry you have to endure it but you have supporters and what you’re doing is important! You are a higher quality person than these cretins!
    Best to you and keep it up. If you need help and you can think of a way for us to add our voice, let us know!

  15. This type of behavior never surprises me, but it still manages to disgust me. I am glad you are not letting them win by giving up your work and videos. They’re the sad ones who have nothing better to do with their time than harass someone who dares to challenge media and society.

  16. Please keep doing this, I love your videos and I can’t wait for the next one. There is so much sexist crapola in games and these *cannot find polite word to describe them* are just proving your point really, that sexist representations in pop culture reinforce sexist attitudes in society and vice versa.

    So 1000000000000000 special feminist XP points for standing up to ‘em!

  17. I’m really shocked that people think this sort of treatment of another person is acceptable. I mean, there are a billion things to do on the internet, and they choose to harass and threaten someone they know nothing about? This is far beyond trolling, this is sheer stupidity. As so many people have already pointed out, you are clearly hitting a soft spot, and there is clearly a problem that needs to be illuminated. You are an awesome person. I’ve always enjoyed your videos and I will always continue supporting what you do.

  18. Only thing I can think of from the top of my head is #MenCallMeThings – on which I notice this entry has already been posted.

  19. I’m so disgusted. The fearful backlash to a such a carefully and calmly written video is insane. Glad you’re way, way less easily intimidated than these misogynists are, and I think I’ll be donating to your kickstaeter again for good measure.

  20. [...] Harassment via Wikipedia Vandalism on Feminist Frequency. Share this:EmailTwitterFacebook [...]

  21. I once saw a presentation by a women who was singled out by animal rights activists for harassment. It was a fascinating study of their tactics and the tactics of the police and FBI in dealing with it. I applaud your decision to disclose and discuss this harassment, its perpetrators, and the effects.

  22. @ethicalcannibal Well, there’s this site, which isn’t formal documentation of any kind, but does work to reveal what is going on: http://fatuglyorslutty.com/

  23. I love your videos and think what is happening with all the trolls right now is horrible! But I do think that this might be a “guy” thing, when I was telling my boyfriend about this he was laughing and saying “that’s internet for you” and explaining how this kind of behavior is “normal” and to be expected. Ok, perhaps not a guy thing (I don’t want to be sexist here), but at least a type of behavior that is perceived as being OK even though it is clearly not!! I mean, who in their right mind would actually walk up to you in person and say these things? Some might, but I believe that anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face isn’t worth saying at all.

    Stay strong, I can’t wait to see these videos!!! I will be sure to let my boyfriend watch them as well, as I am now becoming quite aware that some feminist education might be just what he needs.

  24. I wasn’t 100% convinced of the usefulness of this Tropes vs Women in Video Games project until I saw the abusive backlash. This project is clearly touching on an important issue in feminism and so I will donate money. Thank you, trolls, for highlighting the importance of this project.

  25. I’m so glad you decided to write about this publicly. Your voice makes me more, not less, likely to call out abuse and misogyny when I see it. Thank you.

  26. Thanks for being an inspiration. I only have one puny little video on Youtube (less than 500 views), but it gave me a small taste of how demoralizing trolls, and especially sexist trolls, can be. I can’t even imagine what it’s like when it’s on this scale.

    You are an amazing person!

  27. So now I really, really want to see you succeed. Really. A lot. Damn trolls.

  28. The perception of normality is probably the biggest part of the problem.

    Labeling this kind of putrid behavior as “a guy thing” is a favorite snit of mine. It normalizes putrid behavior for men that do it and simultaneously de-normalizes the behavior of men that oppose it.

    That aside though, I’m looking forward to the videos too! ^_^

  29. I’m just so disappointed that these people who coordinated together so well to prove that the internets are their own personal playground, and not a medium of free speech, wouldn’t use their obvious talents to fight actual injustice. “waaah, the mean lady made me question my escapist fantasies” is just so so lame when considering all the actually oppressive things that people do. they act like they’re fighting the power, but they’re just oppressing others. I love and play video games, and I am super nerdy and love internet pranking. I really hate this dumb shit, though because it’s irresponsible and not even funny.

  30. I am so sorry you’ve had to put up with this, and the fact that they’ve gone to all this trouble to try to put you down really only proves that you’re making valid points and these assholes feel threatened by that.

    I wasn’t previously supporting the Kickstarter financially (though I was cheering it on wholeheartedly in spirit!), but directly because of all of this mess, I’ve decided it’s important to support it.

    Keep up the good work, you’re an inspiration to us all. =]

  31. Thanks for raising awareness and posting this – hard proof for anyone who argues that we’re post-feminism and feminism has lost its relevance. Sadly untrue.

    Just wanted to add that it’s also important to note that in addition to sexist and misogynistic, the harassment on the Wiki page is also INTENSELY homophobic (references to “gay fisting” and “homosexual penetration” and anti-semitic. Lots of horrible hate-speech here.

  32. This made my blood boil. If anyone ever doubted a feminist perspective was desperately needed in online culture, here is veritable proof.
    I don’t even think these are children who do these kinds of things, this is as mainstream online culture as it gets.

  33. You rock!!!!!!

    Seeing this reaction just makes me want to donate more to your project!!!!!

    <– this financial analyst is going to dedicating a larger sum or next months pay to Anita after see this s***!

    Just goes to show how little confidence some guys have. At the slightest hint of "losing their place" they go crazy and threaten violence.

  34. I am furious that this is happening to you but please, don’t give up. The more public you go with this, the better it illustrates just the kind of crap we women have to put up with by this petty little boys with nothing better to do. You are a true hero – putting yourself out there, putting yourself on the line and taking this unnecessary and disgusting abuse. Know that we are here for you in any way we can be, even if it’s just to lend our voices. I’m too old for this crap so if anyone wants to come pick on someone there own size, feel free to find me. These idiots don’t scare me because I pity them – they are little children with nothing better to do.

  35. Thank you. I wish there was more. I have seen so many of these in the skeptic community, and it always takes the same form. I just think this kind of harassment survives with it’s victims being isolated. If we had a central database or something, maybe be could find it useful. Perhaps a common vector of the attackers, or just solidarity for the victims and supporters.

  36. Yup, same here.

  37. Yes, I agree about the isolation aspect. I know when I was harassed I had trouble figuring out where to turn in order to make a difference. I wasn’t fast or tech-savvy enough to get a screenshot of what was said to me, so I couldn’t post it online, and I imagine that many women don’t have the time/energy/resources to try to figure out what to do about it, so nothing gets done about it. To their credit, the moderators handled my complaints well, but I think the problem is way beyond what moderators can handle, so collectively we all need to find other ways to combat it.

  38. Ah pathetic people, useless trash.
    Threatened by someone challenging the norm.
    Keep on keepin’ on! You’re doing amazing work!

  39. Wow, this makes me want to cry. I have been so excited for this web series and I was so glad that your kickstarter project has been so successful that I never even considered the possible backlash. It makes me sick that people could treat another person this way. THE PROJECT ISN’T EVEN DONE YET. Their abuse and harassment only proves the necessity of more education about the misogyny in video games and video gaming “culture”. Please keep up the fantastic work.

  40. It only means you are getting to them! Btw your videos are simply amazing! Waiting for the new ones!

  41. Thank you for keeping on with your work. As you surely know, it’s immensely appreciated and you do have a great fanbase that will support you.

    Good luck with the TVSWIVG project! Me and my friends are super excited for it.

  42. My husband said it was fairly common but he emphasized how unacceptable it was still. He certainly didn’t laugh. That is really worrying…

  43. You are a very brave person, Anita. Never give up, and I wish you all the luck with your project!

  44. I’m so disgusted with the level of immature blind idiots who think this is both amusing and justified? I’m so sorry that this is happening to you and I’m so proud you’re continuing on with your head held high!

    I love all of your work and I cannot wait until the project is a success! I’m also so proud of the $40k that has been donated! oh my gosh! I feel like tears are coming on haha

    but anyways, no, this is a serious issue and I hope the end product will open some eyes

  45. Anita,
    I was tempted to comment on the YouTube videos, but reading what the trolls wrote–and in response to what I felt were pretty logical retorts from some of the offended commenters (female or otherwise)–scared me off, to be perfectly honest. I find it a waste of my time and energy to devote emotion (angry, bent-out-of-shape, disappointed, frustrated etc.) to those guys, so I’m commenting here instead.

    I really look forward to seeing the videos.
    I have my own questions for you which I hope to get to you soon.
    I’m saddened by the fact that people just think “It’s the internet” and that this kind of thing is to be expected or okay. For any single good deed 4chan does, it creates thousands of other problems–like rallying the people for bullying and harassing you.

    You’ve obviously got a lot of fans and interested parties see what you do, so do what you do best: take ‘em by storm.

  46. I can’t stress enough how much I respect your work. Your intelligence and determination set a positive example for women and girls everywhere. I think you are such an important voice and I admire you so much for speaking out. The actions of the people who targeted you make me truly sick. I’m glad you will not be silenced!

  47. I’m so sorry to see this, it’s horrifying. But it’s also proof of how much your work is needed, and I’m so glad that you’re not going to let it get you down. Just wanted to remind you that you’re awesome!!

  48. I also want to add my voice to those who are supporting you. All this unbelievable harassment just underlines the importance of your project. I’m so very grateful that you will deal with this topic since I’m a female gamer and I’m nearly permanently disgusted by the portrayal of the “women” (or should I say mindless Boob-Machines?) in games. And I’m even more than disgusted by this harassment campaign. These people don’t reflect the gamer scene. All the gamers I know (women and men) encourage you and we apperciate your work so, so much. I’m so sorry this happend to you, but…don’t give up. You are awesome and your work is awesome.

  49. i love you. keep on going.

  50. That’s awful. I can’t understand what causes them to want to be so vicious.

    But I guess it means you’re having an impact if the trolls are being so busy to try to pull you down?

    Keep up the great work! :)

  51. I just arrived here thanks to a link given by a friend. Being at work, I haven’t seen the videos yet but I truly support you against those a******s. As a male gamer, I know that all the geek culture contains a huge bunch of privilege denying douche trolls, but I didn’t know this far.
    Love and support!

  52. I usually don’t comment on blogs or websites, for so many stupid things are written in this oh-so-open-space i.e. the internet (as is proofed by these misogynist trolls), but I felt that I wanted to send you some words of support for you and your work and tell you, that there are ppl all over the world (germany/italy) who want more of that! ppl who critize and “tear the epistemic net of comfort” (free interpretation of judith butler) are constantly confronted with this crap by the narcisstic and priviliged but as some of the comments above just said: you just got them where it hurts. keep on! love and support from europe!

  53. I feel sick… Those trolls do not belong on Wikipedia.
    Will they realize at some point how counter-productive their whole project is? Or are they too busy jerking off to how awesome they think they are?

    Stay strong and stay safe, Anita.

  54. It is both incredibly courageous and valuable what you are doing with this post…documenting and discussing this kind of abusive activity that is so rampant online. While this kind of behavior is beyond the pale, it has also become so commonplace that even reasonable people begin to dismiss it, and the internet culture of acceptance that has emerged for these reprehensible attacks of vitriol MUST be challenged. While I regret that you are being subjected to this kind of ordeal, I thank you for using your own experience of abuse as an opportunity to educate others.

  55. Just wanted to add to the support. If we’ve learned one thing about the internet, it’s that it makes the worst aspects of human nature viewable in a condensed, horrifying form. It must be so hard to hear that stuff, but I hope that it reiterates the importance of your cause for both you and anyone who watches your videos.

    I will be sharing them with as many people as possible.

  56. First of all, my sympathy to you for what you are going thru all this harassment. You are very brave for speaking out what you think and it can not be easy to be the target of so such hateful energy. I am glad to hear that you continue making the videos , personally I can’t wait to see them.

    Concerning the harassers, the message you have must seem very threatening to them and their way of life. Which just shows, to me anyway, how important the education is that you give.

    To quote Nelson Mandela; “Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

    Love and strength to you Anita!

  57. Thank you for bringing that up.
    Oftentimes, when people read criticism of something they love, they get awfully defensive… as if something had to be perfect to be worthy of love.
    I’m guilty as charged myself. I often need to keep myself in check and remind myself that something can be flawed and I can still love it and there’s nothing wrong with that.
    To remind myself that accepting valid criticism of something I love doesn’t mean I have to stop being a fan and that being a fan doesn’t mean I have to defend the things I love at all cost against all forms of criticism.

  58. You are doing great work, Anita. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be the target of these trolls. Trolls attack people who are making a difference…a difference that they fear.

  59. +1

  60. Just want to offer my support and tell you how proud I am of you. Your voice has just as much right to speak as anyone else. Thank you for sharing your message.

  61. - You’re fucking amazing and thank you for not being silent when peope are behaving like this . With many issues like this I think it’s good to speak up if the person feels comfortable with that and not pressured . It’s an eye opener, did not think ppl do this kind of thing really . .

    Damn .

    You’re awesome <3

  62. The people making the threats and vile comments need to be reported. Report them, report all of them. I know they’ll just make new accounts but it’s something.

  63. Thanks for sharing all this with the internet. I’m not surprised to have heard similar stories from other women. It’s an incredible testament that the work you do is necessary that harassment and threats of violence are used against women who point out the patriarchy in our society. Keep your head high, and keep up the great work!

  64. I despise the “it’s just the way it is” line of reasoning. It’s easier to blame society / biology than to actually think about what is going on. It’s an excuse for the lazy and comfortable.

    What you’re doing is awesome. It brings hope, perspective and strength to those of us who deal with this type of harassment on a daily basis because we play video games and happen to have ovaries.

  65. The harassment- campaign of these trolls only proves that you are right.

    I appreciate your work a lot!

  66. Hey!
    Also just wanted to say that I love your videos!! Keep up the good work! Perhaps this video can cheer you up a bit:


  67. I echo all the supportive comments of the others. Words can’t really express how outrageous this is. I’m glad to hear your spirit isn’t broken.

    Please be safe in light of all the threats you have been getting.

  68. I would like to write something … inspiring. But I feel so bad for what others do with you and your efforts.

    I just want to say: Thank you, Anita, for what you do. And I really look forward to seeing more good and brilliant stuff from Feminist Frequency.

    Although I do not agree with everything you say, I hold everything you say as at least valid and worthy to think about. And truth is: Although I do not agree with EVERYthing you say, I do share MOST OF your opinions.

    Again: Thank you very much! Thank you very, very much!

  69. It makes me feel so sad/ill to see people vandalise your pages and stalk you with threats. I am all the way in Australia and a fan of your videos, I hope to somehow integrate at least one into my gender studies class next semester. Keep strong, Stay smiling, and continue to make wonderful stuff. Think of the positive impact you have with your work and educating people, and how so many others unfortunately put work in only to dumb themselves down and be horrid. You are quite brave through all this, I admit I would probably pack up and leave if I encountered such harassment. ox

  70. A fellow video game researcher linked me to your videos about an hour ago and my first reaction was, “I wonder if she documents all the hate mail she must receive because this is like ringing the dinner bell for trolls.”

    I’m glad to see you have. It is very important that these virulent reactions are recorded. For me, it provides evidence that: 1. your work is important, 2. genders are STILL not equal! (any time I say I am a feminist the usual response I get is why? well, this is why!!!!), 3. We can’t be silent anymore, 4. The internet is a shared space, all genders deserve a right to inhabit and use it. This is evidence that we cannot freely express ourselves (yet).

    Thank you for being open, honest, and brave. As others before me have said, if you are making people this angry, then you’re doing it right. ;) I’m just sorry you have to be a martyr.

    Love and support,

  71. Never stay silent. It takes courage to call these d-bags out for their actions. What they’re doing, on the other hand, (using the power on anonymity to harass and intimidate) is cowardly.

  72. I’m noticing with recent trends (the Cross-Assault harassment mess being an example), if you give off even the slightest implication that the gaming community is filled with despicable people, they will respond by being despicable people. Bit of an odd way to show the bigotry in the internet, but hey, it works.

  73. There’s little for me to add to the comments above, just a big, huge THANK YOU for putting up with all this crap to do something that is of immense value for everyone –even those that are harassing you.

    Your job proves more and more necessary every day, and you have the courage not to look the other way and do it.

    So again, THANK YOU.

  74. Keep up the good work my friend. Obviously you have hit a super-sensitive nerve.

  75. I have a lot of respect for you for soldiering through all that shit.

    Over the last few days several people have pointed me in the direction of your site. Let me tell you this – before the petty attacks and relentless tirade of familiar gender based insults, I’d not heard of the site or the videos you are making.

    Thanks to the trolls, I’m now aware of what you’re doing and can offer my support!

  76. Isn’t there a quote from someone that says if you aren’t pissing people off, you aren’t doing anything important?

    This is very important. I am fairly sure you are going to be talking about things that me and the other 13% of the industry that is female have been saying for *years*.

    It needs to be said, loudly and publicly, where everyone can point to it. I can’t wait to see what you have to say.

  77. Thank you for what you do, I really enjoy your work. And to anyone who says this kind of harrassment is ‘normal’, no, it’s not. It’s common. There’s a difference.

  78. You are the best! The work you do are so important – all over the world (I´m from Sweden myself). Take care!

  79. Wow. These harassment-perpetrators must feel REALLY good about their lives. What clever individuals!

    Die in a fire.

    Anita, keep up the good work.

  80. [...] And for this crime, she has been threatened with rape, with death and with violence, and had her Wikipedia page vandalis…. [...]

  81. [...] Wikipedia page were subject to attacks from a handful of video game forum members. You can see a screenshot of Sarkeesian’s Wikipedia page here (warning: graphic language). There’s also a variety of hateful comments left on her YouTube [...]

  82. It’s this sort of repugnant behaviour that has lead me to no longer label myself as a “video game geek”, something I was calling myself since my first ZX Spectrum, over 20 years ago (frack me, I made myself feel old). Now, I just happen to play video games. I don’t play online, and if I do I disable the chat feature, because there are simply too many ugly, hateful people out there.

    I don’t know any other fandom where this is such an intense issue (along with the constant homophobia), it’s embarrassing and part of the reason video games still struggle to find legitimacy in the mainstream media.

    Keep doing what you’re doing, you can always tell you’re onto something important when it’s pissing people off.

  83. Like many men, real men, out there, I too support you and the invaluable work your are doing. It might be useful to remind yourself that the cockpit shakes most just before you break through the sound-barrier … and that animals in captivity are most restless when one opens the cage.
    Best wishes on your journey!

  84. It is very sad that these trolls have nothing better to do with their time than to harrass Ms. Sarkeesian. These are the pathetic dregs of society. I am not a feminist, I am a Man that respects people, whatever their race, creed, culture, or gender. These harrassers must not people that respect themselves, so how can they respect anyone else.

  85. Also just wanted to say thank you so much for your work and I have so much respect for not only what you’re doing but how you’re handling all of this. This is a perfect example to demonstrate just how much still needs to change, and unfortunately how hard that may be for some people to grasp. Anyway, you’re absolutely awesome, keep it up!

  86. Your courage and dedication are admirable. Even a remarkably strong person would be intimidated by this kind of behavior. Thank you for continuing on with your project, I’m really looking forward to it!

  87. Holy crap. How do you put up with this and still try to make the world a better place? I got 4 comments in on the youtube comments and my stomach was already filling with acid, and I’m a GUY. (Of course, I guess that means I’m less used to it…)

    Anyways, way to go! You’re an inspiration in calm, levelheaded badassery.

  88. Thank you for the work you’re doing. I don’t play video games but I have friends with kids – I’m forwarding your site to them.

  89. Those vandals are pathetic cowards.

    No one should have to face harassment for honestly expressing their point of view. It is absurd.

  90. Well I guess we see immediately why you do what you do. Good job on raising the kickstarter. I do hope though (as I am unfamiliar with your work) that it will also have examples of how it is done right. Good luck!

  91. This type of behavior is disgraceful and absolutely disgusting. While that having load of the blame falls on those this think this kind of harassment and vitriol is cute. There is blame to hand out to the guys and gamers that stay quiet when we see something like this. That silence is acknowledge meant that this is okay.. and its not. This has to stop and its going to take the entire community speak out against it.

  92. I apologize for my gender and wish you the best of luck with your project. I can’t wait to see the final product. I hope you know that the group responsible is a very vocal, ignorant, minority. I hope that together, as a community, we can tear down the facade that correspondence via the internet is exempt from all basic human decency. Trolling needs to be seen as what it is, hate, rather than a mere nuisance. If we cease to accept it I like to believe it will cease to exist.

    I rarely comment but I wanted to join in in letting you know that there is a large amount of support for you and what you do, as you can clearly see from the success of you Kickstarter campaign.

  93. I think you did right diging into this and exposing it. Its weird that this is happening. I put up a pro equality video on You Tube also and got comments calling me a mangina , homo, moron, etc. Glad your going to continue doing tnis, you must be doing something toght or they woulden’t be squeeling like rats.

  94. It’s people like this that make me feel like I should apologise for being male and a gamer. neither of which I should feel obligated to apologise for. I don’t agree with some things you’ve she’s said in previous videos but her points about video games are so blatantly true.

  95. This is absolutely disgusting! Keep up the good work, I love your YouTube channel and all the good work you do! We’re behind you all along!

  96. Honestly, reading this makes me really really sad in humanity.
    And although you already have a ton of supporters (thank goodness), just thought I’d add to that.

    :) I can’t wait to see those videos!

  97. Just wanted to add my words of support. I’m disgusted by the amount of hatred being leveled at you, but it looks like these idiots are only helping to prove you right.

    So congratulations! It looks like this project is going to be quite successful :)

  98. You’re a really great person, and I’m amazed at how offended many people became after that video.

    The fact that you can let the hate slide off, and publish it even, makes me happy. You’re awesome.
    I love you!

  99. If people start to hate you, you’re doing it right ;)

    Please notify me when you’re done with the videos. I’m studying philosophy and gender studies is one of my fields of special interest.